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You are interested in using creative means in therapy, and maybe in your own time to. You may struggle to articulate your thoughts and emotions and looking for an alternative to traditional talk therapy. Perhaps you’ve always been drawn to the arts. Or maybe wouldn’t describe yourself as the traditional ‘artist’ but want to try something different. You would like therapy to include interventions by your counsellor.

You don’t have to be a skilled painter or a natural actor – art therapy is about connecting and gaining a deeper understanding of yourself!When your thoughts seem to be on repeat, these interventions can help break that pattern and help you look at your problems in a new way. It also be helpful when you are having trouble articulating an experience.

In working together, I use arts based interventions to help you dive deeper into your thoughts and explore parts of yourself. I have also seen how art and drama therapy can be useful in processing trauma when talking about it seems too overwhelming. Not only can these interventions inside of session help, but we can make adjustments so that you can continue using these modalities outside of session.

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